Professionals with varied but complementary experience, qualifications, and skills unite to provide a wide range of leadership and talent consulting services.
Our Approach
Confianza’s Talent Acquisition’s Team comprises of some of the most skilled search professionals in the business today. Each individual has expertise in key functional areas. Our team facilitates and manages the entire process from "help wanted" to "you're hired". We're not here to simply forward the résumés of average candidates after performing a few simple searches in our database. We get involved to find the people who matter to your company.
Our team consists of some of the best sourcing experts in the business today. By leveraging our four key search criteria, we ferret out an impressive list of talented candidates who are:
Capable of delivering the results you're looking for
Interested in your career opportunity
Motivated and willing to make the move to join your company
Fit your corporate culture and specific team dynamics
We engage with candidates on a one-on-one basis to find and attract the best candidates. Our all-inclusive approach to the search process provides us with an intimate knowledge of our clients' and candidates' needs, ensuring placements which are mutually beneficial.
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  This collective strength of our team allows us to best contribute towards the achievement of your organisation's specific recruitment objectives.  
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