At Confianza, we work with our clients in all facets of the recruitment process.
With Confianza as your recruitment partner, the process seems simpler for you while keeping the results as impactful as before, if not more.
The Confianza Edge
What sets us apart is that we represent job givers rather than job seekers. This empowers us to factor in a number of parameters in to the recruitment process. Adaptability to work-culture, personal traits, specialized skill-sets to name a few.
Though these parameters make the recruitment process more cumbersome, they also ensure that the results are more satisfying and permanent.
360º Recruitment Approach
We adopt a customized and comprehensive approach towards the search of both mid-level and top-level executives. From defining key leadership requirements of an organisation, understanding the company's culture, conducting an in-depth assessment of candidates, to discovering unique qualities of a candidate and matching them to the right company, we help organisations pick the perfect professionals who can help the organisation in charting paths of progress.
Dedicated Client Service Team
We draw from a rich pool of experts who can cater to your specific needs right away. In harmony with our consultants across the globe we recruit executives with the ideal background, attitude and approach in the most timely and effective manner.
Global Reach, Asia-Pacific Focus
With collaborations around the world, access to global talent pool, domain expertise across all major industries and an Asia-Pacific focus, executive recruitment at Confianza empowers a multitude of companies looking for high-level executives in Asia-pacific.
Enduring Client Relationship
Our relationship with our clients is built on trust, integrity and reliability. Our clients treat us as partners in the recruitment process keeping us in tune with their corporate strategy and business practices. This partnership approach helps in providing comprehensive solutions.
Competency-based candidate evaluation
We conduct methodical evaluations of all candidates based on their knowledge and experience and on a strong understanding of strategic requirements of the client. Our evaluation tools are in line with industry benchmarks that enable a comparison of candidates’ strengths and their areas for development.
In-depth Assessment
In-depth evaluation of short-listed candidates (internal candidates as well as external) includes:
Psychometric testing: online leadership questionnaires and in-depth behavioral interviews by leadership assessment specialists
Culture fit assessment: a diagnosis of the organisation’s culture to match a perfect fit for the position
Expert industry perspective: close collaboration with our industry specific consultants and market leaders
Plethora of Value-Added Services
Competitive reviews, headcount studies, product analysis
Market Research and Salary Surveys
In-depth Market and Sectoral Knowledge
Custom-made Quality Recruitment Services
Database of the Top level management Professionals
Professional Recruitment Processes
Nationwide Network and International Collaborations
Additional support services to ensure the right selection
Permanent Staff Solutions
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  We are accredited assessors for the globally respected Personal Profiling and Thomas International Psychometric Evaluations.  
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